Review-Only Virtual Tours: Are You Paying for Reviews?

I have to tell you that the whole time the sock puppet controversy was raging, I was cringing inside. The reason? I’ve paid for reviews. Kind of. Oh, not through some fly-by-night “good reviews guaranteed!” outfit. Instead, I’ve bought a couple of review-only blog tours.

I talked last week about virtual blog tours. If you missed that post, you can read it here. One of the flavors of tours that most outfits offer is the review-only tour, in which the operator recruits a number of bloggers to read and review your book. The tour operator asks you to provide a copy of your book, or a coupon or gift card so the reviewer can buy a copy, as well as the usual stuff: blurb, cover image, author picture, and buy links. If the reviewer hates your book, he or she can use the other materials to put together a book feature to run instead of a scathing review. Most of the time, bloggers will post their reviews not only on their blog, but also on Amazon and/or Goodreads, which of course helps your rating. Continue reading “Review-Only Virtual Tours: Are You Paying for Reviews?”

Santa Select

And no one was happy,
Not even St. Nick.

‘Twas the day after Christmas
And the outlook was dour.
All the Indies were moping,
Even Santa was sour.

“I’ve tried and tried
All that I could
To help Indie Authors;
To make things good.”

I looked at the fat man
And said with a smile
“But surely your reviews
Will go live in a while”

“I’m afraid not, Dear,
I got an email from ‘Zon
Accusing me of sock-puppetry
That my reviews were a con.”

He stared out the window
With an expression so sad
The Zon had blocked Santa
This was really bad. Continue reading “Santa Select”