Paid Memberships for Author Groups: Worth It?

credit-squeeze-522549_640Sometimes we writers have tough decisions to make. We want (need) all the information, support and promotion we can get. But most of us have limited funds. Or – let’s be honest and admit that most of us are broke. If you’re not one of “us” then thank your lucky stars, kiss your wallet, and knock on wood that your good fortune may continue. We’re not jealous, but do envy you just a tad. The rest of us have to think carefully about where we spend our cash. One of those decisions may be about which promo, support and author help sites will be the most advantageous and whether or not paying for a membership will benefit us in the long run. Today, I’m taking a look at some sites, both paid and free.  You can decide which ones are the best fit for you. Continue reading “Paid Memberships for Author Groups: Worth It?”

A Writer’s Wish List – Getting Better in 2015

A writers wish listAs a kid, I put my best writing skills to work this time of the year. No, I didn’t create the perfect Christmas card message — I perfected the ultimate Christmas List! As the holidays neared, I would craft the best descriptions of the toys that I wanted, cut out pictures and list the optimum places to find Jimmy’s Wish List entries.

Nowadays, I don’t create the master wish list anymore, but I still make lists. This time of the year is a great time to think about the future. Putting into words the things you want to improve on, change, or learn is a great step toward making them a reality.

Here are some great things to include in your wish list for the upcoming year. I’m sure many of you have some of these in place, but hopefully you’ll find a few nuggets that were lacking in the past year. Continue reading “A Writer’s Wish List – Getting Better in 2015”

If it says free, can’t I use it?

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Blog posts, websites, book covers, bookmarks, trailers. For writers, we sure do use a lot of photographs.

If you’re like me, your photography skills leave a lot to be desired. Luckily, there are some inexpensive (even free) options available, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can download and use willy-nilly.

More often than not, there are some requirements we must meet in order to use even free photographs. Otherwise, we might find ourselves on the wrong side of a copyright infringement suit.

Creative Commons is my favorite place to search, because they make it easy to find free photos, artwork, music, and audio. They have very specific requirements for use, however. Let’s walk through the process. Continue reading “If it says free, can’t I use it?”

Special Encore: Best References for Fiction Writers

[IU Staff Slavedriver Laurie Boris is away on special assignment. Since November hails the beginning of NaNoWriMo, we thought it appropriate to run a special encore of Laurie’s excellent article on the best resources for fiction writers. That, and I’m too lazy to write an extra post, but mostly the first thing. – Hise]

Search the Internet, and you’ll find hundreds of books and websites about how to write and sell fiction. I’ve scanned many over the years, but there are very few I go back to again and again. Here’s a cross section of what I’ve found to be among the best. As usual, your actual experience may vary. Continue reading “Special Encore: Best References for Fiction Writers”