Getting It Right: Throwing a Right Part 1

The Principles of Unarmed CombatHaving previously written about what makes a good literary fight scene, I thought an appropriate follow up might be to examine some mistakes that can potentially ruin the action in a novel.

Now, if you’re like me, nothing can grab your attention in a book like a nicely portrayed bit of violence. Indeed, the climax to many an action/adventure novel is often some sort of life and death brawl between hero and villain. A fight scene can be a graphic example of a hero’s innate superiority or a chance to put him or her into a bit of peril. It can offer the reward of giving an annoying antagonist his comeuppance or just be used to keep the reader engaged during an otherwise slow section of the story. Unfortunately, when it comes to portraying these scenes, most writers are not fighters and don’t know the difference between throwing a right and throwing some write.

Of course, the average reader also may not be all that well versed in the intricacies of combat and, therefore, any mistakes or inaccuracies found in a literary fight scene may simply pass by them unnoticed. But for someone who does know a little about how violence goes down in the real world, poorly written or inaccurate action scenes can leave you shaking your head saying “That could never happen.” In extreme cases, such as a novel purported to be gritty and realistic, it can ruin the whole tenor of the story. Continue reading “Getting It Right: Throwing a Right Part 1”

We Are Your Dress Rehearsal

Author K.S. Brooks
We are watching you.

We’re watching you. Yes, we are. Didn’t you realize that? You’re always being watched. Everything you do. It’s that everything you do that gives us a sense of who you are and how you will be to work with. Perhaps you don’t realize exactly how important that is. And guess what? We’re not the only ones watching.

I’m often asked about soliciting agents, publishers, magazines, etc., probably because back in the dark ages when I started in this industry, that’s how you did it. And I did it a lot.  So I’m speaking from years of experience to provide you with the following insight. Agents, publishers and the rest all get to know you the same way we here at Indies Unlimited do.

How do we get to know you? We see if you follow instructions with your initial query. Typos in your emails speak volumes. How your book is presented for purchase is huge. Did you read our submissions requirements? We can tell, trust me. If you read them, did you observe and respect them? These may all seem like little things to you, but they’re not. Not at all. How you perform and behave is extremely important. People are paying attention. Continue reading “We Are Your Dress Rehearsal”