Should you have Klout?

I’ll try to make this short and to the point. I’m going to talk briefly about something that is either (A) a worthless timewaster or (B) the next big thing.

As always, I’ll put out my disclaimer— I’m not an expert in Klout. I happen to toy with it and, more or less, actively participate. Behind the scenes here at Indies Unlimited, there were discussions as to what, who, how and why of Klout, so here we go. Continue reading “Should you have Klout?”

LinkedIn Profile Tip – Links

Linked In ProfileThis past Sunday, Rosanne Dingli explained why authors and businesspeople should be on LinkedIn.  You can read her article here. Once you’re on LinkedIn, there are a couple of things you can do to get better exposure. The method many people agree has the most impact is the “links” section.

In the screen capture to the left, you can see at the very bottom there is a heading called “Websites.” This is where LinkedIn allows you to supply a maximum of three external links. Many people just put in their http address and leave it at that. But LinkedIn allows you to do something even better – actually describe where the link goes – so there isn’t a bunch of ugly html sitting on your profile and people have a clue what they’re clicking. Continue reading “LinkedIn Profile Tip – Links”

How LinkedIn Can Change Your Life

Welcome to LinkedIn
Welcome to LinkedIn

When is a social network not a social network?

Give up?

I’ll tell you: when it’s a commercial, professional, academic, or business network, that’s when.

LinkedIn is all these things and more. People do use it as a social forum, to interact – no doubt about it – but its main reason for existence is its ability to connect people within the same commercial, academic or professional sphere, no matter where in the world they happen to work. Continue reading “How LinkedIn Can Change Your Life”