2013 Update – LinkedIn Profile Tip – Links

LinkedIn is a happening place. Rosanne Dingli explained why authors and businesspeople should be on LinkedIn. You can read her article here. Once you’re on LinkedIn, there are a couple of things you can do to get better exposure. The method many people agree has the most impact is the “links” section.

To add (or spiffy up) your links, go to the profile section of your account. This will take you to the “edit” screen. In the image to the left, you can see at the very bottom right there is a tiny gray rolodex card next to the words “Edit Contact Info.” This is where LinkedIn allows you to supply a maximum of three external links. Many people just put in their http address and leave it at that. But LinkedIn allows you to do something even better – actually describe where the link goes – so there isn’t a bunch of ugly html sitting on your profile. Also, I like the fact that this gives people a clue what they’re clicking. Continue reading “2013 Update – LinkedIn Profile Tip – Links”

Social Media Survey

Most of us spend a good chunk of our time interacting with the world through social media. Various platforms abound and new ones seem to bubble up to the surface almost daily. Many people use multiple platforms, but we suspect we each have one that is our favorite. Hopefully, we spend the most time on the social network that gives us the biggest return for our investment of time and energy. We’d like to know which platform that is for you.

Tell us, from among the choices listed, which is your preferred social media platform:

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Tuesday Tutorial: Strut Your Stuff on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, LinkedIn has discontinued this Amazon.com reading list feature.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to show off your books without ever saying a word. Yes, it’s true. And for those of you who whine “but these people don’t know I write and I don’t want to tell them” – you don’t have to. That’s the beauty of it all.

LinkedIn has an option called “Reading List by Amazon.” Sure, you can add whatever you’re reading to that list – but why do that? Add your own books, and they’ll show up every time someone looks at your profile. Genius, eh?

LinkedIn Profile ScreenSo, go to your profile. Click on “More” on the Nav Bar across the top, then click on “Reading List by Amazon.”

That will take you to a new screen, with books that other people in your networks are reading. There is also a big blank box where you can type in the name of your book. So go ahead and do that, then click “Search Books.” (See next image.) Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial: Strut Your Stuff on LinkedIn”

Getting the Most From It

Indies Unlimited has a large complement of staff writers with a wide array of expertise. We also provide a multitude of features designed to promote indie authors and their books. Don’t forget the tutorials, the like-fests, and the flash fiction contests. There is a lot going on here, all of it aimed at helping you.

The question is: do you really get the most from it? Maybe you subscribe, maybe you comment from time to time. That’s great. Do you also share IU posts you like? If there is an interesting discussion going on here, do you tweet about it? When you are on LinkedIn and a discussion comes up related to something that was addressed here, do you bring it up? Continue reading “Getting the Most From It”