Featured Book: The Kiss of Night

TheKissOfNightThe Kiss of Night
by K. S. Brooks
Character-driven drama with a touch of suspense and romance
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Special Agent Kathrin Night’s career is over; a career-ending injury has her walking with a cane. FSB Agent Aleksey Khovechkin, Russia’s deadliest operative, is sent to protect her. Will being in close quarters with the gorgeous Russian chip away at Kathrin’s tough exterior? Or will it unleash a past full of painful memories?

Book excerpt:

The Russian opened the door wearing nothing but a pair of form-fitting boxer briefs. Kathrin’s eyebrows raised; she couldn’t help but admire his muscular body, which partially shielded the semiautomatic handgun he held in his right hand.

“What’s wrong,” he started. Then he noted her body-hugging fleece jacket. “You are dressed.”

“And you…are…not.” Her eyes traveled the length of his entire body, then back up to his face. “Uh…the septic guy is coming, remember? He’ll be there at 6:30.”

Aleksey’s eyes instantly awakened. “I’m sorry. I will be ready.” He turned, giving Kathrin a better view of his sculpted ass. She lingered, watching, just a moment longer.

What others say:

“…one very intense, modern day love story filled with many twists and turns – some serious and sad – some sexy and passionate – but very captivating, capricious and a page turner all the way!”  – Carla Gallway of Book Monster Reviews

Featured Selections by K.S. Brooks

K.S. Brooks is an award-winning novelist and photographer, author of twenty-two titles, and co-administrator of Indies Unlimited. Brooks’ feature articles, poetry, and photography have appeared in magazines, newspapers, books, and other publications both in the U.S. and abroad. Continue reading “Featured Selections by K.S. Brooks”

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Rising to the Challenge

Any author who is on the lookout for interesting opportunities has to be prepared for about anything. K.S. “Kat” Brooks is a veteran of the interview circuit. She’s been involved in every kind of interview situation there is and has done it long enough to see just about everything that can go wrong do so. She always manages to handle the situation with style and grace. Kat has been kind enough to share some of her experiences with IU readers before.

To offer a little context here, I think it’s necessary to explain that for Brooks to do an interview is a monumental task. First, she lives in [SECTION REDACTED BY AUTHORITY OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY ACT] pumas and escaped mental patients. So, she can’t just pick up her princess phone and make a call. Even doing an internet interview [SECTION REDACTED BY AUTHORITY OF THE WILDBLUE ADVOCACY COUNCIL] and the horse they rode in on.

She’s had to deal with lights that glared too brightly in her eyes for her to read her prepared notes, mics that didn’t work, bad signals, dropped calls. Once, while delivering some remarks on the influence of organized crime in mainstream publishing [SECTION REDACTED BY AUTHORITY OF THE FEDERAL WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM] in a hail of bullets. Fascinating story, right? Continue reading “Rising to the Challenge”