Indie Author Newsbreak 8-17-2018

indie author newsThank goodness it’s Friday. Of course, you know what this means – it is time once again for your weekly booster shot of news serum! So, roll up those sleeves and hum a happy little tune while we affix this ginormous needle of enlightenment. It’s for your own good and there’s no copay!

Is your writing plagued with bloat? The word doctor is in. This week, grand rounds include a case study on the signs and symptoms of redundancy in writing.

Joanna Penn has a prescription for enriching your writing through travel. She states, “Even a trip to the other side of town can infuse your writing with new and exciting energy.” Not sure about that. For some of us, a trip to the other side of town may involve gun-play.

It can be frustrating to take the pains to set your characters apart in physical description and voice, only to realize you didn’t use a very rich palette in making their mannerisms as distinctive. If you’re up for a little exploratory surgery on that manuscript, here’s a neat post on crafting a body language voice.

Finally, Joel Klettke has some great advice on diagnosing and treating problems in writing. An ounce of prevention, people!

That’s it for this visit. Be sure to stop by desk to schedule your appointment for next week. We may have your test results in by then.

Indie Author Newsbreak 8-10-2018

indie author newsAhoy there authors and readers alike and all ships at sea! The Admins at Indies Unlimited have set sail on the dark and stormy waters of the internet in search of the great white whale of interestingness. So, batten down the hatches and shiver your timbers, thar be news in these here waters!

As we have pointed out numerous times, the seas of publishing are teeming with sharks. David Gaughran takes a look at how vanity publishers work their foul magic.

Do you find yourself plagued with self-doubt about your own writing? Terrible Minds has some sound advice about how to stay on track with your writing without letting your feelings dictate your productivity.

Do you write in third person or first person? Why? Writers in the Storm has an excellent article on third person vs. first person writing and the considerations that should apply to an author’s choice in the matter.

And finally, Do writers really have to know who their target audience is? Did the guy who invented the snuggy know exactly who needed a blanket with sleeves? K.M. Weiland takes on this thorny issue and gives 4 tips for writing to the right audience.

That’s it for now. Be sure to stop by next Friday as we reveal the answer to the musical question, who wrote the book of love?

Indie Author Newsbreak 8-3-2018

indie author newsHowdy-do IndieVerse friends and neighbors! The Admins at Indies Unlimited have set the timer on the microwave of truth so you can feast upon the steamy deliciousness of publishing industry news. The aroma of fresh-baked information fills the air. So sit up straight and put on your bibs, kids!

From our Who’dathunk department comes exciting news that YouTube has a growing segment of Book-Tubers aimed at generating interest in reading among millenials.

If your deal with the Witness Protection Program has ended or the statute of limitations has come about on whatever you did and you’re ready to engage with the world again to talk about your writing or get a review, check out this great new group of book bloggers.

Ah, remember when you were just starting out? You hadn’t even found Indies Unlimited yet. Sure, you made a few mistakes – probably had to change your name and phone number a few times – but we all learn. If you’re not there just yet, check out this list of writing tips 40 experts wish they’d known as beginners.

And finally, if you have an unfulfilled dream that one of your books tops the bestseller list, do read this article about how bestseller lists work and what they really mean.

That’s it for now. Be sure to tune in next Friday as we preview an excerpt from our bestselling new book: Poison Control Hotline Bloopers.

Indie Author Newsbreak 7-27-2018

indie author newsGood morning to everyone in IndieLand! The Admins at Indies Unlimited have scoured the vast and dark recesses of the internet to sift the information wheat from the disinformation chaff. Something is always going on out there and you may need to know about it. Maybe there will be a test later or something. So, rub the crusties out of your sleepy little eyes and brace yourself for incoming.

No doubt Amazon and Kindle have been a great boon to the indie author movement. While not all of us are rolling around on a big pile of cash like Scrooge McDuck, The Atlantic finds some indies are doing amazingly well on Amazon. Whatever upsets the random penguins is fine with us.

Are you tired of wondering what to do with all that old publicity cluttering up the den? Joan Stewart at the Book Designer shows us How to Recycle, Repurpose and Promote Your Publicity.

From the beautiful and snarky mind of Kristen Lamb,  comes an excellent article on refining marketing strategies to better access today’s audiences.

And last, but never least, the venerable David Gaughran shares How To (Ethically) Hack Amazon Categories.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to tune in next Friday as we unveil our 2018 list of the best written leaflets. Did your cult make the list?