Book Brief: I am John, I am Paul

I am John, I am Paul; A Story of Two Soldiers in Ancient Rome
by Mark Tedesco
Genre: Historical novel
176 pages

John and Paul are Roman legionaries in the 4th century, who were forced into exile by their corrupt commander. John ends up in Alexandria where he seeks wisdom and meaning in the worship of Mithras, the god popular among soldiers at this time. During his exile in Egypt John is educated in the mystery cult and meets an Alexandrian woman from whom he learns the Egyptian perspective of life and events. During this time, his counterpart Paul is finding ways to secure John’s return, finally succeeding. The story is a sea of emotion as the two find themselves in Germania to serve. An event takes place that changes their fortunes and leads to them discovering “The Way”.

The nature of the bond of the two men to one another is left to the reader to decide, but their commitment ultimately leads them to a tragic yet beautiful destiny.

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