Book It, Kiddo!

Ah, August. Back-to-school sales are in full swing and parents are counting the days until classes begin. So the start of this year’s Pizza Hut Book It! program can’t be far behind.

Book It! began in 1985, when a Pizza Hut executive was looking for a way to encourage his son to read. Here’s how it works: Elementary-school teachers set reading goals for their students – maybe they have to read a certain number of books of their own choice, or maybe they have to read for a certain number of minutes. The kids keep track of their progress on materials furnished by Pizza Hut and emblazoned with the restaurant’s logo. At the end of the month, every student who met his or her goal gets a coupon for a free personal pizza. The program continues all year, and if the class meets its annual goal, then all the students get a pizza party. Continue reading “Book It, Kiddo!”