Adding a Video to Your Book’s Amazon Sales Page

author ellen Buikema-9 color_small (002)Guest Post
by Ellen L. Buikema

While perusing Facebook, I noticed a post in the Indies Unlimited Fans Group that piqued my interest — the new “add your video” option for your book’s Amazon sales page. I state upfront that technology and I do not always have an easy relationship, but this looked so promising that I thought I would give it a try. Please note that not everyone is seeing this option on their books’ pages yet. If you have the capability, this is what it will look like: Continue reading “Adding a Video to Your Book’s Amazon Sales Page”

What Is a Book Video Trailer?

Oh you love the lens. You love it!

Also known as what is a book trailer video. Or a book video. Or a book trailer. It really doesn’t matter what you call it…it needs to get the job done.

Recently, I was very surprised at the responses a fellow indie author (Nick) received to a poll he conducted on his Facebook page. It went something like this:

a. Video trailers help sell books
b. Video trailers don’t help sell books
c. What is a video trailer? Continue reading “What Is a Book Video Trailer?”

Video Trailer: Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen

My Country Kitchen is all about the home kitchens from across the world. Families are no longer able to cook gourmet meals due to time constraints, instead they are trying to get a home cooked meal on the table for their family fast. Families are now focusing on simple down-home cooking that adds simple meals and lots of love to make dinner time a special time for the family without wasting precious moments preparing the meals. Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen will be your go to cookbook for those week-day meals.

Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen
is available from Amazon in print or Kindle format.


Video Trailer: Love’s Everlasting Song

Rebecca Gordon never believed in “happily-ever-after” but she had no idea how far her marriage had crumbled until she walked in on her husband with another woman. Unable to save her marriage, she decides to focus on her career and win the horse show that would put her ranch on the map. Wanting to use the latest, chic music for her competition, she flies to L.A. where she is to meet with the managers of Luke Grayson, the hottest singers of the decade.

The physical attraction between the two is immediate but Rebecca struggles with her pending divorce and need to be successful in her career. As Rebecca begins to open her heart and believe in her future, her past won’t leave her alone and threatens to destroy everything she has worked for. Can she fight to put her past to rest and begin a new life or will this be her swan song?

  Love’s Everlasting Song, by RaeAnn Hadley is available from Amazon.