Creating a Fictional Newspaper Blog

Blacktip Times logoMany of us have seen instances where authors take their fictional characters beyond the books that spawned them: interviews with a character, blog postings by them, Facebook pages, Q&A sessions with readers. Recently, however, I came across something that was new to me. Tim Jackson, author of Mangrove Underground, has created a newspaper blog for Blacktip Island, the location where his book is set. Tim describes the site like this:

South of Imagination and east of Flor de Caña lies Blacktip Island, the setting for Tim W. Jackson’s forthcoming second novel, Blacktip Island, and for his many short stories. The Blacktip Times is a weekly record of news and events in the island’s small community of dreamers, reprobates and ne’er-do-wells.

Seeing this as a rather unique spin-off of a book, I decided to interview Tim and find out the behind-the-scenes story. Continue reading “Creating a Fictional Newspaper Blog”

LynneQuisition: Pubslush

Interviews by Lynne CantwellWhen somebody decides to look for crowdfunding to make a bowl of potato salad, you know the practice has hit the mainstream. Authors who are looking for financial help for their latest writing project have their own site to turn to: Pubslush. Nicole McArdle at Pubslush has agreed to take a seat in the comfy chair and answer a few questions for us.

Nicole, I think we’ve all heard about Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. What makes Pubslush different? Continue reading “LynneQuisition: Pubslush”

Authoright – Authorwrong?

authoright-logo@2x1A recent inquiry in a group I belong to prompted me to do some investigating into Authoright, a company with offices in both the U.S. and U.K, which offers publishing and marketing services to Indie writers and authors.

My first stop was to their website. They listed the services they offer, from various levels of editing, book covers and web design to marketing package choices that range from regional to international (North America and the U.K.). The first red flag for me was that they did not publish any prices on the site. Continue reading “Authoright – Authorwrong?”

Microcerpt Exploits Power of the Excerpt

Microcerpt_homeA website has emerged with the goal of introducing readers to books through the power of excerpt.

Microcerpt, which is free to authors and readers, allows authors to post short excerpts (Microcerpts) from their books onto the site. Readers can browse the excerpts, and if they’re tantalized by one, buy the book. Continue reading “Microcerpt Exploits Power of the Excerpt”