How to Avoid Book Marketing Scams

Sabrina ZbasnikGuest Post
by S.E. Zbasnik

“No man is an island” wrote John Donne before getting ripped off by Simon & Garfunkle. Never is that more true than when an author is trying to get his or her book to market. It is impossible to do it all on your own from the cover, editing, proofing, formatting, and marketing. These things take not only time but also a skill set not everyone is proficient in, making them a breeding ground for scammers.

While a plethora of predatory publishers and editors exist within the pre-publishing stages, there are also a slew of scammers when it comes to marketing. What’s an author to do? You need to get the word out to drum up attention that hopefully leads to sales, and these shiny websites are offering their services to help – often for staggering fees. Requesting thousands of dollars has to mean they’re guaranteed to get results, right? Continue reading “How to Avoid Book Marketing Scams”

Ego or Profit: Why We Do Book Promotions

ebook promotion pixabay marketing-687246_640Throughout the pages of Indies Unlimited, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on writing, marketing and promoting your books. After all, Publisher’s Weekly announced Indies Unlimited as one of six great blogs for indie authors. As we scour the e-pages of this blog, we envision success. Around every corner there are examples of promotions achieving fantastic results. We also let you know if something is a clunker.

As I’m sure you’re aware, promoting your book is not just about one thing, but a variety of activities including social media, press releases, reviews, giveaways, appearances and free or paid promotions. Everyone in the indie community laments at the paid book promotion. Should I or shouldn’t I? How do I know it will be successful? Is it worth the cost? Continue reading “Ego or Profit: Why We Do Book Promotions”

Why Use Amazon Giveaways?

Amazon book giveawayI like to try new things in the world of book promotion when they fit my budget, so when Amazon announced they were trying their own giveaways, I thought I’d give it a whirl. And the timing was good. For reasons only Amazon can explain, the price of one of my paperbacks had been drastically reduced in April. Coincidentally, this was the start of baseball season, and the book is a romantic comedy with a baseball sub-theme. So…(give) away we go.

Amazon made it easy. Continue reading “Why Use Amazon Giveaways?”

Trying Something New – Serialized Episodes

Author Mark HamnerGuest Post
by Mark Hamner

One of the benefits of being an independent author is the ability to try new things. This has lent itself well to a recent experiment I’ve undertaken: telling a continuous, cover-to-cover story via a series of short story episodes – or, basically, serializing.

How did I come to the point of giving this a shot? Continue reading “Trying Something New – Serialized Episodes”