Old Tech, New Tricks: Using Standard Tools to Enhance Writing and Editing

While so much of writing and being creative has remained the same over the millennia, the tools we use for writing and editing have changed dramatically in just the last century. While most people use technology for writing and editing, many are using it differently, allowing increased productivity and improved self-editing.

Today, we’ll take a quick look at ways authors can use standard technology tools to enhance their writing and editing. Continue reading “Old Tech, New Tricks: Using Standard Tools to Enhance Writing and Editing”

Where’s the Theme in Your Book?

Okay, everyone knows that great works of literature have important themes. “Red Badge of Courage,” “Les Miserables,” “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” You know the ones. But what about your Space Opera?

Why Bother?

“It’s just fiction,” you protest. “It’s entertainment. People don’t want to be preached at. Why should I bother my readers with a theme?” Well, you’ve got the preaching part right, but no matter how focused on entertainment a story may be… Continue reading “Where’s the Theme in Your Book?”

So You Wanna Write a Book but You Dunno How to Start?

HeWhere do I start writing this bookre at Indies Unlimited, we get this question all the time:

“I want to write a novel based on …(something I love)… but I have no clue how to write one. How do get this idea off the ground?”

There is only one answer: start. Far too many people have a story inside them, but they spend years hemming and hawing about it and never get it done. So you aren’t Margaret Atwood. So what? I know. It looks like a huge, unassailable task, and you have no idea what to do first. Read on. Continue reading “So You Wanna Write a Book but You Dunno How to Start?”

How to Turn Your Script into a Novel

author Karen SchiffGuest Post
by Karen Schiff

Let’s say you wrote a sensational screenplay. Or a must-see stage play. But you’re having trouble getting it produced. Maybe it’s time to turn that script into a novel.

I’m a playwright and I did just that.

Over the years, some of my plays were repeatedly selected for staged readings, but not offered full productions. It’s a common experience for those of us the theater world deems “emerging playwrights.” After mulling over my options, including chucking it all and becoming a Pilates instructor, I had an idea. So I hopped online and Googled: “How to turn your play into a novel.” The number of search results?

Zero. Continue reading “How to Turn Your Script into a Novel”