Tools of the Trade

Guest post
by Dick Waters

This is something I found very handy, and some writers might not know about it.

I write my novels in my office, which is mostly during the daytime. With many other distractions, it may have been days since I last wrote manuscript content. So, I have to refer to my spreadsheet outline to get an overview of what I wrote the last time. Inevitably, that is not enough and I have to read the last few chapters to get a better sense of chapter content etc. Continue reading “Tools of the Trade”

The Blog Nobody Wanted to Publish (Except Indies Unlimited)

I’ve written a couple of articles for a local newspaper over the past few months. They have a large circulation, and they’re a cutting-edge newspaper, so it’s been very cool to see my name on their site. After attending a self-publishing fair recently I submitted an article to them. They passed, and so did one of their competitors. It might be the quality of the content or it might be the content itself. I’ll let you be the judge. Indies Unlimited stepped up and published it and I’m very thankful to them. Here it is in its entirety. Continue reading “The Blog Nobody Wanted to Publish (Except Indies Unlimited)”

Could the “Amazon Family” Actually Be Good for Goodreads?

I like Goodreads. It’s a nice little site. Come visit if you’ve never been. Readers talk about books without all that pressure of having to put on pants and brush their hair. We form book clubs, discussion groups, have a little chat around the virtual fireplace. Literary movements have been and continue to be born there. Even though every time I log in, it reminds me that I’m a slow reader who is not living up to her ill-considered 2013 Reading Challenge Goal, as a reader, I like the place. And if, as an author, you don’t hard-sell or spam (you don’t, do you?), it’s a good place to launch a new book with a giveaway and interact with readers. Unless they are clearly abusive, no vague, Big-Brotherish policy steps in and strips away your reviews. Continue reading “Could the “Amazon Family” Actually Be Good for Goodreads?”

Breaking News: Amazon to Acquire Goodreads

Amazon.comA News Bulletin
by Lynne Cantwell


Amazon has announced that it has reached agreement to acquire Goodreads. According to a news release from Amazon, the deal is expected to close within the next few months. Russ Grandinetti, Amazon’s vice president for Kindle Content, and Goodreads CEO and co-founder Otis Chandler joined in making the announcement.

For now, Goodreads’ headquarters will stay in San Francisco. No other details are available right now – including how much Amazon is paying for Goodreads, and what this means for Shelfari, Amazon’s Goodreads wanna-be site.

Read the press release on Amazon.

Read the announcement on Goodreads.

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