Meet the Author: Victoria Howard

Author Victoria Howard

Some writers are descriptive in their style, writing more in a flavor of purple prose with relaxed writing, detailing each thing, while others are more literary, their prose so beautifully written that it nearly sings on the page. Author Victoria Howard describes her style as basic, “. . .giving enough description for the reader to know where they are, writing enough action to keep the story moving, but not enough to overwhelm the reader. I’ve learned to trim the fat, which is in keeping with romantic suspense.”

For her, the seed of inspiration may be found in something she read in a magazine, saw on TV or overheard in a conversation in a coffee shop. “I’ll think about it for a while, expanding the basic premise, perhaps researching some aspect on the internet, developing characters, choosing my setting etc, before finally committing myself to working on the manuscript,” she says. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Victoria Howard”

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Ballard’s Book, “The Boy From Granite Falls” Wins Award

Congratulations to friend and author Brenda Ballard. Her book, “The Boy From Granite Falls” (book one) took the Silver Award in its category in the 2011 Reader’s Favorite Contest.

Brenda says, “I will be receiving my award next year in Miami instead of this year in Vegas; we were given the choice and I chose being featured at the largest book fair in the US. I cannot wait!”

The Boy From Granite Falls (book two) will be in print within the month—watch for it at,, and other online bookstores.

The Boy From Granite Falls (book three) will be in print sometime in the spring of 2012. Brenda is simultaneously writing another book, “Billy’s Buffalo Lake Adventures,” which will be out in the spring of 2012 and also for sale at the Colville Indian Pow Wow in July, Colville, Washington.

Video Trailer for Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy

Marcia Quinn Noren’s book, “Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy” provides an intimate portrait of the enigmatic young woman whose heroic life story has provoked ongoing controversy for nearly six hundred years. Fresh insights gleaned from the author’s full decade of research and three field trips to France shed new light on the essential nature of the girl whose faith-based acts of courage altered the outcome of the Hundred Years War. Check Marcia’s website for more info!