Sneak Peek: “That Bear Ate My Pants” (Part 2)

Today, we get part two of the sneak-peek from Tony Slater’s hilarious book, “That Bear Ate My Pants.” If you missed part one, you can read it here.

“That Bear Ate My Pants” is available from Amazon. Please also check out Tony’s excellent website.

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LANGUAGE ADVISORY: For our more sensitive readers, I must point out that some of the language used in the book tends toward the more colorful end of the spectrum—the sorts of things one might hear said by construction workers or a man who just had something dropped on him by construction workers. To protect your delicate sensibilities, I am putting the text below the fold. As for the rest of you stout-hearts, read on: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: “That Bear Ate My Pants” (Part 2)”

Writing Exercise #4

Your character is alone at night in the woods. Something terrible is about to happen. Are they being stalked? Are they about to make some gruesome discovery? Without telling me what happens, make my spine tingle and my skin crawl by setting the scene. Incorporating the image of the night sky through the naked tree branches, paint a scene that gets your reader prepared for coming terror.

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Getting Romance Right: by Special Guest, Author Victoria Howard

Author Victoria Howard

The term ‘romance’ encompasses nearly every existing novel genre and writing romance has long been known as the best place for aspiring writers to enter the writing field. Today’s readers don’t just want boy meets girl romances. They want to read a novel where the author skillfully weaves the love story between the protagonists with conflicts, misunderstandings, and obstacles. A story which will keep them glued to the page, desperate to know how the heroine will solve her problem and finally have a meaningful relationship with the hero. Continue reading “Getting Romance Right: by Special Guest, Author Victoria Howard”