Meet the Author: Salvatore Buttaci

Author Salvatore Buttaci

Salvatore Buttaci is  a retired English teacher and college writing instructor. He has been writing since 1957 and says his objective as a writer has been to provide readers with stories and poems they will not regret investing the time to read.

“I have made it my business to constantly improve my command of language and my understanding of the writing craft. I am never satisfied with first drafts,” Sal says.

Sal  always reminds himself that if readers are not hooked into a story, they will not stay for the long haul, or in his case, the short-short haul.  Sal is a flash-fiction author. Each of his stories is less than 1000 words in length. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Salvatore Buttaci”

Taking on the Establishment: by Special Guest, Author Renee Pawlish

Author Renee Pawlish

The Establishment

Has anyone heard of Cesar Chavez? And what does he have to do with writing and publishing? Tell you what, I’ll get back to that in a minute.

There has been discussion of late about the major writing organizations and whether or not they accept independent (indie) authors. I decided to investigate this a bit, and here’s what I found out.

The following organizations do not accept self-published authors: Continue reading “Taking on the Establishment: by Special Guest, Author Renee Pawlish”

Amazon Signs Indie Author Lia Fairchild!

Lia Fairchild

Fantastic news today about friend and fellow indie author Lia Fairchild, courtesy David Gaughran:

“Amazon’s newer imprints have been getting all the press lately, but today, AmazonEncore has announced the signing of indie author Lia Fairchild.”  David Gaughran has the exclusive!

Hmmm… this news comes right on the heels of Lia’s announcement on Indies Unlimited of her new release. Coincidence? You decide!

A heartfelt congratulations to Lia! Don’t forget us now that you’re going to be rich and famous.

Thoughts on the Three Types of Reviews

Insofar as I can tell, there are three types of book reviews. The first type is the reader review,wherein someone who has actually purchased and read an author’s book will post a comment about it in an online forum of some type. Since the reader represents an author’s customer base, these have the potential to be very valuable. Some are very thoughtful, analytical pieces, while others are more of the loved it or hated it variety with little specificity or guidance for an author open to feedback. Continue reading “Thoughts on the Three Types of Reviews”