Video Trailer: R.S. Guthrie’s “Black Beast”

This is the video trailer for R.S. Guthrie’s novel, Black Beast. This book has only 5-star ratings on Amazon – 19 of them! Continue reading “Video Trailer: R.S. Guthrie’s “Black Beast””

Video Trailer: (The Prophecies Series)

Here is the awesome video trailer for friend and author Linda Hawley’s titles in The Prophecies Series.

It’s the near future, and society is government controlled. Technology tracks everyone, personal privacy does not exist, and even food supplies are being monitored. The hope for freedom lies in the operations of an underground organization, GOG, which fights against worldwide oppression. Their most powerful weapon is Ann Torgeson, a paranormally-gifted operative, who unseals The Prophecies.


Book 1, Dreams Unleashed, 2nd Edition is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Book 2, Guardian of Time is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

“The Leaving” Earns 5 Star Review

Congratulations to indie author Gabriella West on the 5 star review of her novel The Leaving.

At 15, Cathy Quinn is an intelligent misfit living in 1980s Dublin. Over her last two years of school, Cathy struggles with her dysfunctional family, coming to terms with her powerful attraction to her best friend Jeanette, and leaving Ireland. The Leaving is a realistic, yet lyrical, look at adolescence and first love.

Above all, the novel explores the intersecting lives of two emotionally close siblings growing up in the hostile and homophobic Dublin of the 1980s, when homosexuality was still taboo, and being different was not tolerated.

Author/reviewer Shannon Yarbrough says, “And I cannot imagine my life now without having experienced this beautiful novel. Despite the plea in all of us to grow up, wishing our young lives away unbeknownst to what awaits us, I promise you will not want the journey The Leaving takes you on to ever end.”

Read the whole review here.

Valerie Douglas on the Importance of Research

Author Valerie Douglas

I suppose you could say that I’ve been doing research all my life – as any writer should. After all, the essential, endless curiosity that drives us to ask ‘what if’ and then ‘what happens next’ has to start somewhere. It starts in those questions, but it’s based in what we’ve learned and know.

Part of every child’s education is spent exploring ancient gods and goddesses, particularly the Greek and Roman. They fascinated me just as they fascinate most children, especially their excesses – Percy Jackson’s popularity is no coincidence. Continue reading “Valerie Douglas on the Importance of Research”