Meet the Author: Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

Author Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

Pam describes her writing style as very informal and conversational. She is economical with words, using description to place her characters firmly in a setting or environment and to set the mood, but she uses dialogue to move the story forward. Pam says, “My writing is rather dark, with flashes of humor, sarcasm and irony. My characters are frequently from the fringe, rather than the mainstream of society, and tend to be Byronic, usually flawed and self-destructive.”

Pam says most of her stories and books are based on some true fact or story that intrigued her. “For instance, I once read a letter sent to a county office from an angry, older gentleman who had been pulled over for driving in the mountains, in icy conditions, without tire chains. They were also conducting a drunken driving sweep at the time. The breathalyzer had quit working so one of the officers took him into town to be tested, leaving his wife with their truck and RV at the side of the road in a snowstorm. He passed the test and was released and had to find a ride back. He later learned that because of the DUI arrest, even though he was not charged, he had to post a bond each time he took his commercial fishing ship into Canadian waters.” Yeah, I remember that. Bad night. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Pam Bainbridge-Cowan”

Retrospective of a Novice Writer – Yolanda Washington

Author Yolanda Washington

December is usually the time of the year for reflection. With that thought, came the realization that I had an anniversary of sorts last month. I owe myself a present. I missed it because I was driving myself nuts to “win” my first go at NaNoWriMo. And yes, I did “win.”

Many of you are published and can look back fondly on your time as a novice (I hope). For me, though, I’m still in the honeymoon stage of being a writer. You know, that first year when you love every aspect of the craft and the job. I haven’t become jaded, yet, and I hope I never do. I love what I do. This is the best job ever. Continue reading “Retrospective of a Novice Writer – Yolanda Washington”

Author Jennifer Rainey Says Follow Your Heart

Author Jennifer Rainey

I’m usually not one for the inspirational, follow-your-heart, hug-it-out scene. It’s a little too fluffy to me. In fact, anyone who knows me personally knows it’s easier to hug a cactus than it is to hug me.

That said, today I’d like to tell you to follow your heart. Or rather, I’d like to discuss the importance of writing what you want to write, rather than what others want you to write.

It sounds like simple, duh! advice, but you’d be surprised how often that little bit of wisdom gets ignored in a world full of everyone else’s opinions. The importance of feedback is stressed constantly in the writing world. Now, I’m not saying the opinions of others shouldn’t be regarded. Absolutely not! You’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t have your writing edited and critiqued, but you’re also never going to get anywhere if you do nothing but listen to others. Continue reading “Author Jennifer Rainey Says Follow Your Heart”

Top O’ the World, Ma!

My novel Upgrade just received a fantastic 5-star review by the lovely and talented K.S. “Kat” Brooks. Check this out:

I’ll admit I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading Upgrade. I’d read a few of Stephen Hise’s blogs and found his wit and writing ability both impressive and refreshing. I wanted to see what his book was about. From all the buzz, I thought it was going to be a futuristic psychological thriller – and I wasn’t far off.

Stephen Hise has written a piece of work that amazes me. I’m a very picky reader – one who gets easily bored and skips over bits and pieces and paragraphs, and sometimes even pages. I read every word of Upgrade. Not only did I read every word, each page turned nearly on its own, beckoning me with the tease of knowing something was going to happen – something that I didn’t see coming. And it was right about that. Continue reading “Top O’ the World, Ma!”