Meet the Author: Pam Logan

Author Pam Logan

Author Pam Logan writes by the seat of her pants. She just sits down at her computer, thinks about the situation her character is in and just starts typing. “From there, my characters just take over. I don’t know where it is going or where it will end up. My main character was facing death from the opening line, ‘How do you tell the only people you ever cared about that you are going to die?’ and I didn’t know if she would pull through until the very end. To be honest, it could have gone either way,” Pam says.

Her book, How Do You Say Goodbye? was inspired by the loss of her Mom, her brother-in-law and some cousins, all of whom died of cancer. “I wondered how they must have felt, knowing the end was coming soon, even though I had never asked any of them when I had the chance.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Pam Logan”

Is the Traditional Book Dead? by Jim Devitt

Author Jim Devitt

The social networks are buzzing about the demise of the publishing industry. Some claim that eBooks have overtaken printed books in sales. We’ve all heard from both sides and you can’t find a discussion on LinkedIn that doesn’t tap into this thread.

I’ve recently completed a stint as a volunteer for the Miami Book Fair International, the largest book fair in the country. This eight-day literary party was amazing on many levels. First, it takes place in Miami. As a resident of Miami I can say that Miami is not the most literate and book wielding city in the country. To see hundreds of thousands of people lining-up to celebrate books is mind-blowing. People from all corners of the globe, of all ages, from all races, congregate to talk about—BOOKS. Continue reading “Is the Traditional Book Dead? by Jim Devitt”

Sneak Peek: WW II London Blitz Diary Volume 2

Today, Vickie Washuk shares a sneak peek of Volume 2 of her series of the war diaries written by her great grandmother detailing both her personal and historical experience living in London during the World War ll London Bombing Blitz. If you missed the sneak peek of Volume 1, you can read it here.

Imagine yourself seeing hundreds of Messerschmitt war planes overhead and hearing the explosion of bombs being dropped around you. Wondering if this is the day one will fall on your house. Ruby Side Thompson’s personal diary was written during the terrifying World War Two London Blitz. Her diary is a true and detailed account of what she experienced during that horrific time. This is volume two of a four volume series written by Ruby Alice Side Thompson. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: WW II London Blitz Diary Volume 2”

Meet the Author: Linda Hawley

Author Linda Hawley

Author Linda Hawley says her mind is rife with stories. Her trilogy, The Prophecies is but the first that made it to paper. She describes writing as one of the most fulfilling experiences of her life.

She says many of the subplots and undertones of the trilogy came from her own life experiences. Linda reads about five different news sources every day, inside the US and out. She says, “I try to understand the common themes brewing, and from that come up with plots and subplots. I like to keep my stories grounded in things that are real.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Linda Hawley”