Writing and Depression by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

Author Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

I just read an article at Health.com that named writing as one of the top 10 professions in which people are most likely to suffer from depression. Of course that wasn’t a surprise. Writer friends and I have had many conversations about our tribe’s tendency toward suffering mental illness, and offing ourselves with rather disturbing frequency. Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Anne Sexton and of course Sylvia Plath are some of the best known examples.

Though the article didn’t teach me anything new – the “what” was old news – it did make me wonder about the “why.” I decided to do a little research. I found an article on the subject of depression by novelist Simon Brett. One of the things he said was, “Many writers are introverted, quiet people, and find it stressful to have their work assessed publicly. Now there are reviews on Amazon, for example, so that happens even more.” Continue reading “Writing and Depression by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan”

I am writing this under duress. Send help!

JD "Iron Man" Mader

I always wanted to be a gun for hire.  So, when Stephen asked me to join him and my pal K.S. Brooks as a contributing author with the Indies Unlimited team, the decision was easy.  I strapped on my six-shooters.  And by six shooters, I mean pants.

It didn’t require any thought.  Stephen and Kat are good people.  I like to do the thing where my fingers make the words in my brain come out.  I like to have lots of outlets for my work: blogs, stories, music, novels, graffiti – you name it, I’ve done it (except for the graffiti part).

I’ll be throwing up a few posts a week.  Wait, that sounds painful and disgusting.   I’ll be posting a few things a week.  Stephen was kind enough to give me a lot of leeway.  Until I inevitably abuse it.  So, it may be an article like the one I posted recently about writer’s block (here).  It may be a story like ‘She’ that was featured exclusively on IU (here).  It may be a shopping list if I get desperate.  Or a list of people that I need…some of you fine people to, um, pay a visit to. Continue reading “I am writing this under duress. Send help!”

Custom Facebook URLs

Wow.  One of the most common…flubs, for lack of a better word…that I see is a Facebook author page with a discombobulated URL.  I must see at least one or two a day.  “Come check out my page!” they’ll say to me, presenting me with a link that looks like “http://www.facebook.com/pages/Judy-the-author/260458930631195”   Hey, Judy, guess what?  No one’s going to remember how to get to your author page with a link like that.

Don’t feel badly, authors aren’t the only ones who fall into this — lots of folks with “Business” and other kinds of pages do as well.   And guess what?  There is something you can do about it.

Continue reading “Custom Facebook URLs”

L. A. Tripp’s Musings on Making a Video Book Trailer

Author L.A. Tripp

“I’m gonna make a book trailer that’s ten minutes long,” I said, feeling so much pride.

Stephen just cut his eyes sideways and studied me a long minute. At least it seemed like a long minute. Probably only about 10 seconds or so.

“Jack, I know you want to put the entire book into the trailer, but that’s just not a good idea,” Stephen said.

“No, no. There’s no way I could possibly fit the whole book into a ten minute trailer. I mean, I’d have images just flashing before their eyes,” I said, feeling good about my rebuttal.

“Uh, yeah. That’s the idea,” Stephen said.

I pondered Stephen’s insightful answer for just a second. “Do you mean the idea is the ten minutes or the flashing images?” Continue reading “L. A. Tripp’s Musings on Making a Video Book Trailer”