Combatting the Rumors Following Success

Guest post
by R.J. Crayton

OK, so normally, people here blog about writing process, publishing and striving for success. But, what about what happens and you’ve achieved success? Because I’m generally, “the sky is falling” type of person, my dreams of success include strategies for combating the inevitable rumors and falsehoods that will start once my writing career really takes off.

So, today I thought I’d talk strategies for rumor control. The key is to be prepared, and mostly, be honest, if wild rumors come out. Here are some samples of how I might deal with future rumors. Continue reading “Combatting the Rumors Following Success”

Tips: Adding a Banner to Your Website

Guest post
by RJ Crayton

I was recently perusing the web when I ran across an author website with a thin blue banner that said, “Connect with me on Facebook.” When I clicked it, it took me to the author’s Facebook page, which I decided to like.

I thought this was pretty cool and would be a good addition to any author’s page. The bar allows you to put the information you feel is most important for readers up top to see. What’s important could be joining your mailing list, connecting on Facebook, following on Twitter or something else entirely different. With many of these bars, once users have seen it, they can click a button to minimize the bar from view, so it’s not a distraction as they peruse the rest of your site. Continue reading “Tips: Adding a Banner to Your Website”