Meet the Author: Mark Cantrell

Author Mark Cantrell

Author Mark Cantrell  has been told his writing demonstrates a certain dry humor, a cynical wit, and a tendency towards the darker view of life. While he is at ease with all that, he also feels his work embodies  an underlying optimism, a qualified celebration of the human spirit and its strengths, but a refusal to separate them out neatly into good and bad. “Life is never that neat and I try to reflect that in my fiction.”

Mark’s work covers a wide swath, from straight journalism to commentary. He says the tone changes depending on what he’s writing about. Depending on what is called for, he may adopt a conversational style, tongue-in-cheek humor, or the strident tones of an angry young man. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Mark Cantrell”

Grace Guerra and the Book Junkies Library

Staff artist conception of the Book Junkies Library

Grace Guerra is the brains behind Book Junkies Library, an online resource for indie authors and readers. I asked Grace when and how she first became interested in independent authors. She said, “That’s like trying to remember becoming interested in breathing. After being frustrated with my favorite ‘published’ authors and their inability to keep my attention, I went looking for groups on Facebook that strictly dealt with books. I found the Book Junkies and joined, not knowing this group was made up of Indie (I had to look it up) authors and readers. The first book I read was not a recommendation from the group but the author was asking for reviews, so I thought what the heck…it’s only 99 cents. It turned out the book was just this side of bad; I didn’t leave a review, in case you’re wondering. I decided to try again, the second book was not polished; there were many typos and grammar errors. But even unpolished, the story was a good one. Since I don’t give up that easily, I tried again. The third book was one of the group’s monthly reads…I fell in love with the characters, with the author and with Indies. I’ve became a beta reader for a couple of the authors and I’m proud to say I’m a full fledged Indie reader/stalker only.” Continue reading “Grace Guerra and the Book Junkies Library”

Meet the Author: Gerry McCullough

Author Gerry McCullough

Gerry McCullough, author of Belfast Girls and Danger Danger believes  the most important thing in good prose writing is clarity. She credits a quote from George Orwell for reminding her that good prose is like a window pane. She says, “I strongly dislike writing which is complicated, pretentious, and hard to follow. I’ve tried in my own writing to keep it simple and clear, without ending up sounding like someone addressing a child. At the same time, I believe there’s room in a novel for more than straightforward, clear prose. The lyrical descriptive effects of poetry can add to the atmosphere; and I’ve often introduced poetic images and words in my descriptions. I think the mixture works well. The clarity moves the action along at a good pace, while the occasional poetic description draws the reader into the atmosphere of the book and the characters.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Gerry McCullough”

Inknbeans Press Signs Vickie Johnstone!

Author Vickie Johnstone

Another one bites the bean. Friend and author Vickie Johnstone just signed with Inknbeans Press.  This follows closely on the heels of Vickie sharing a sneak peek of her latest title, Kiwi and the Living Nightmare here on Indies Unlimited. Coincidence? You decide!

I caught up with Vickie while she was out at a local marina, shopping for yachts (as far as you know).  She said, “I’m really excited to be joining the Beans. Have you seen their website? There is a menu of different book flavours, like the board in a coffee shop, and they care about their authors. I’m hoping my books blend right in!! I was so happy when my contract turned up in the post. I had been looking out for the letter for days and then there it was! I was like yay, yay, yay! I’ve been grinning like the Cheshire Cat. It’s really exciting. I was feeling a bit lost on what to do next about my books. I love writing, but find everything else a bit tough. Groups like Book Junkies and the Indie Author Group are amazing for boosting confidence, helping, tips, support, meeting people who are obsessed with the same thing (!) and general laughter! I think all writers need that. Now, I’m just really happy that Jo likes my books and Inknbeans are happy to take them on. Kiwi is purring.”

We wish Vickie continued success, and look forward to hearing more from her as her work with Inknbeans progresses.