Book Promotions: What Type to Use When

As indie authors, we have a wealth of types of marketing and promotional opportunities available to us. However, some types aren’t as effective as others, and some are more effective when you’re farther along in your career. As a newbie, where should you concentrate your efforts? As a more seasoned indie, what will boost you … Continue reading “Book Promotions: What Type to Use When”

Free Author and Book Promotions on Indies Unlimited

Indies Unlimited is one of the only (if not THE only) place where indie authors can promote themselves and their books for free. That’s really the heart and soul of IU; helping each other without trying to make money off our friends and colleagues. And the really good news is that there are lots of … Continue reading “Free Author and Book Promotions on Indies Unlimited”

Resource: Author Marketing and Book Promotion

Melissa Bowersock wrote an epic 2-part piece that goes into a lot of detail about Marketing for New Authors. Much of what she covers applies to everyone, not just beginners. We thought it would be convenient for authors of all levels if we put together a listing of the sites mentioned in her articles, as … Continue reading “Resource: Author Marketing and Book Promotion”

The Second Revolution and the Authors Guild—by Ilil Arbel

City: Mainz, Germany Year: 1399 CE Location: A café that caters to scribes, illuminators, and publishers. A tired looking man walks into the café and joins a group at one of the tables. “What a day, guys,” he says. “I wrote almost six pages today; we practically ran out of quill pens. I need a … Continue reading “The Second Revolution and the Authors Guild—by Ilil Arbel”