Kindle Unlimited Friday – Free August 2018 eBooks

Kindle Unlimited Hump Day 1Hey authors – are you enrolled in KDP Select? Then this is for you. Hey readers – do you have a Kindle Unlimited membership? Then this is for you, too! Scroll on down – you can get all these books for FREE. Not sure what Kindle Unlimited is? Our Lynne Cantwell tells you right here. So…

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30 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Friday – Free August 2018 eBooks”

  1. Fatal Encounter: The Adventures of Bass Reeves, Deputy US Marshal
    Charles Ray

    Bass Reeves goes after Bob Dozier, one of the most dangerous outlaws in Indian Territory.

    Usually 99 cents.

  2. The Lady’s Last Song: The US Government’s War on Billie Holiday
    Charles Ray

    When Billie Holiday sang ‘Strange Fruit,’ she became the government’s target, and launched the ‘war on drugs.’


  3. Body of Evidence: an Ed Lazenby mystery
    Charles Ray

    Ed hated camping, and when a fellow camper goes missing, he has even more reason to dislike the outdoors.


  4. Over My Dead Body: an Al Pennyback mystery
    Charles Ray

    Al goes to Texas to help a cousin in a land dispute, but there’s more than land at stake here.


  5. 1. Love Is Enough
    2. Cindy Rizzo
    3. In this F/F romance, a Congresswoman who fights for the little guy clashes with a wealthy executive. Is the love they feel for one another enough?
    5. $2.99

  6. Curse of the Sea: Book One of the Admiralty Archives
    Joni Parker

    A NATO exercise goes terribly wrong when five ships are transported to Eledon, the Realm of the Elves.

    FREE on KU

  7. Roger and the Cancelled Czech
    Jerold Last
    A suspenseful International thriller set in contemporary Prague and Budapest.

    Regular price $3.99

  8. Rum, Cigars, and Corpses
    Jerold Last
    Enjoy an exciting International thriller while getting a good look at contemporary Cuba

    Regular price $3.99

  9. The Origin of Murder
    Jerold Last
    5-Star cruising all the way! The body count increases almost as fast as the clues.

    Regular price $3.99

  10. The Deadly Dog Show
    Jerold Last
    An award-winning thriller set in the hyper-competitive world of canine conformation shows.

    Regular price $3.99

  11. 101 Sports Poems
    Felipe Adan Lerma

    101 short original prose poems I wrote in the 90s including baseball, football, basketball, bicycling, yoga, golf, twirler, gymnast and much more.

  12. The Bride’s Trunk: A Story of War and Reconciliation
    by Ingrid Dixon
    The gripping true story of a girl growing up in Nazi Germany, her marriage to a British soldier and a new life in a former enemy country

    Normal Kindle price $5.97

  13. Guardians of Churchill’s Secret Army: Men of the Intelligence Corps in the Special Operations Executive
    by Peter Dixon
    The true stories of the men who were ordered to keep Churchill’s subversive secret agents safe

    Normal Kindle price $4.97

  14. Being Travis (No Time for Travis Book 2)
    by Melissa Bowersock
    The adventures continue as Travis battles a devastating flood and comes face to face with Billy the Kid.

    Regularly $2.99

  15. 51 Sales Tips: Keys to Sell More and Succeed Selling
    Raúl Sánchez Gilo
    If you sell or want to sell, this book is for you! “People-based selling: relationship, trust and value.”


  16. Do You Take This Cowboy? Box set
    Stephanie Berget, Melissa Keir, Lyssa Lane, Robin Deeter, Ann Anders, Paty Jager, D’Ann Lindun
    Falling for a cowboy is easy, but when weddings happen on the ranch, anything can happen and often does!


  17. A Brush With Fame
    Melinda Hazen
    A makeup artist falls for a British-born Hollywood star, but outside forces conspire against them.

    Free with Kindle Unlimited! (Normally $2.99.)

  18. After the Green Withered
    By Kristin Ward
    In a world of scarcity and control, one young woman uncovers a secret that could change everything.


  19. Hot Basque: French Summer Novel Book 2
    Laurette Long
    He had her at ‘bonjour’. Romance in France. ‘Well written, joyfully written prose, with champagne bubbles at the tip of the pen. Cheers!’

    Free on Kindle Unlimited, regular price $2.99

  20. An Alec Winters Series Complete, Books 1-4
    Chariss K. Walker
    Alec was transformed to angel/demon after he discovered a shocking family secret in the New Orleans based Urban fantasy/thriller.

    Free on Kindle Unlimited or $3.69 to buy

  21. Serena McKay Crime Novels Complete, Books 1-2
    Chariss K. Walker
    Serena was abused and used as a police detective, but she won’t let that happen to anyone else now that she is a private eye in this dark, dystopian crime thriller.

    Free on Kindle Unlimited or $3.69 to buy

  22. The Vision Chronicles Complete, Books 1-8
    Chariss K. Walker
    Mike sees visions of the future in this paranormal thriller and it might very well cost him his life.

    Free on Kindle Unlimited or $6.93 to buy

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