Featured Novels from Rosanne Dingli

Four memorable novels from award-winning author Rosanne Dingli, who researches and writes feasible fiction. These are stories that could very well happen, and perhaps have. Core facts and locations that mesmerize this author’s readers are verifiable. Fans say they look up historical details, find the fascinating art, google medical and scientific aspects in the fiction and find it all verifiable, true, and astounding. Built on reality, the stories resound with plausibility. The characters feel as real as historical figures that weave in and out of plots and stories that stay with the reader, long after the last page is turned.

Poignant and moving, punctuated by comical scenes and passionate interludes, Death in Malta is a powerful novel of love and loss, disappointment and dislocation – curiosity and consequences.

According to Luke is a thrilling romantic novel of secrecy, symbols, faith, and forbidden love. It takes the reader on a quest for an ancient truth so powerful it disturbs the Catholic Church: a truth so explosive it attracts violent separatists and demands a ransom of millions.

Camera Obscura follows a couple on a breathless pursuit through Europe, on an adventure packed with art, photography, theft, intrigue, murder, and the most unusual romance in contemporary fiction.

The Hidden Auditorium is an atmospheric journey that tantalizes devotees of classical music, lovers of old jewellery, and fans of traditional mysteries. Staged in beautiful locations for which Rosanne Dingli’s work has become much sought-after, this is a novel of extraordinary power.

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5 thoughts on “Featured Novels from Rosanne Dingli”

  1. Having discovered ROSANNE DINGLI a couple of years ago by reading “DEATH IN MALTA”, I was engrossed in the read, inhaling her talent for vivids decriptions of the locale and charactwers that were so real. I thwen read “ACCVORDING TO LUKE”, and I became a devoted fan. Ms. Dingli is a Master story teller.

  2. Wow – thank you Yvonne, thank you Michael, for these endorsements. It’s exactly why I write … to make readers enjoy glimpses of history and art through story. To make readers remember, in an enjoyable way.

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