Sneak Peek: Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga


FractureToday, we feature a sneak peek of Virginia McKevitt’s fantasy novel, Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga.

Follow Tegrin, a king’s most trusted Assassin as he embarks on a journey to a world he has never been to. His mission. To hunt and return the Couton, an ancient clan who feeds off the memories of others. Fate will change his course when he meets Kristina, a strongwilled young woman whose revenge for her parents murders sends them on a collision course that will change their lives forever.

Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga is available from, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

Here is an excerpt from Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga:

“How can one girl protect an entire people?”

“She is not alone Samorith. There are other humans who will help her.” He smiled at the old man. “And she has me. I am bound to her in a way I cannot understand.”

A gentle wind swept through the yard. It swirled the leaves at their feet in circles, turning the weather vane on the barn to the south. A cat chased the fleeing leaves alongside the barn, disappearing around the corner.

Tegrin reached in his pouch and handed Samorith a folded letter. The king’s mark and royal seal concealed the contents. He cracked the wax seal and unfolded the crisp white piece of paper.

An invitation to dinner, written in the king’s own hand. He folded the letter and put it in his pocket. He had not been to the palace in over ten years, leaving those memories for new ones.

Tegrin brought him out of his musings. “Yours is not the only invitation delivered today.”

Samorith frowned. “I thought she was to be kept secret.”

“There is a story that has almost been forgotten by my people.” Tegrin looked up to the heavens. “And in a time of great trouble The One True God will send you a gift. And on that day I will send a female scorpion and her sting will be swift and strong, and she will protect the world that is split in two, and those that do harm will succumb to her poison. I believe our king also knows the legend and is using it to his advantage.”

“She does have the bite of a scorpion in that tongue of hers doesn’t she?”

Tegrin laughed. “Let’s go find our Scorpion Princess, shall we?”


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