Sneak Peek: Journey into Thought by Sidney Andrews

Journey into Thought

Journey into ThoughtToday we have a sneak peek from Sidney Andrews’ book, Journey into Thought:

Journey into Thought, Awakening to Spirit, speaks to living your authentic truth and ultimately your best life. Becoming aware of the thoughts you think, their origination and effects on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, is critical to achieving your dreams, goals and longings. The thrust of “Journey into Thought” is in showing that you are not helpless nor at the mercy of any situation, problem or adversity, that may step up to greet you: on the contrary, you are a power-house of thought energy and spirit.

Journey into Thought is available through and Barnes and Noble.

And now, from Journey into Thought:

The journey into ones own world of thought can be an unsettling venture at best; yet, only through taking this journey can you discover the truth and intrinsic power that rests within the deep recesses of your mind, just waiting to be un-covered and re-awakened.

Think not that you and I have come ill equipped for our journey here on earth, on the contrary. We, at the moment of birth, arrived on the scene with one directive and that is to live from the indomitable spirit within. You and I came prepared with the tools necessary for maneuvering our way through life. This means we were not only provided with the impulse to live from spirit; moreover, the inner awareness, knowledge, and the ability to create and live our best life by expressing our authentic selves.

What of the mountain climber who sets out on his journey to climb Mt. Everest?

Is he ill equipped for the climb, when it’s a known fact the greatest challenge to the climber will be the elements, whether cold, snow, ice or jagged rock that will test his stamina and fortitude? It will take all the ability, knowledge, strength and endurance this climber possesses, to master the environment in a way that will allow him to arrive safely at his destination, but also return home victorious.

Like the climber, each one of us is equipped from the start to meet the challenges the world will present to us. The difference between the climber and you and I, is we’ve misplaced our tools and live in fear that we don’t really have the ability, knowledge, and power to overcome the elements. We’ve lost sight of the truth that we’re magnificently made human beings capable of mastering life’s myriad challenges that are presented to us on our way to self-discovery. The truth is: what you see is but a fraction of who and what you are.

This journey into thought is a journey like none other. It’s the path on which you meet your authentic self, face to face, and ultimately find what has, for too long been the lost treasure, which is none other than yourself, the real authentic you; the you that can only be found in the world behind your eyes.

It’s time to claim what I refer to as your territorial rights. This means you have the right of passage into your mind and heart, along with the ability to transform the thoughts and feelings that reside therein. The truth long forgotten, is you can change and control your thoughts, words and actions, and in all actuality, your destiny. You are equipped to live your authentic truth and best life.


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