Sneak Peek: A Kiss in the Rain by Dacia Wilkinson

A kiss in the rain COVER

A kiss in the rain COVERToday we have a sneak peek from Dacia Wilkinson’s inspirational fiction/romance novel A Kiss in the Rain:

A love lost. Sent to live in disgrace with her grandmother, Danielle Cotton withdraws from life … until she is forced to take her daughter back to her hometown to start life painfully anew. Once there, she meets Adeline, a woman sixty years her senior, who helps Danielle to start living again and Danielle finds the kind of love she thought she’d lost. “A Kiss in the Rain” is about the intermingling of love, faith, and friendship in everyday life–finding friendship in unexpected places. Every woman, at every age, deserves love—even Adeline.

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And now, from A Kiss in the Rain…

Opening her car door she sat down inside, feeling her cell phone underneath her. There it is, she thought.

He bent down, leaning his arms over the open window. The hair on his harms moved in the breeze.

“You’re good to go, Denise,” he said. “Have the guy in your life put a new tire on there.”

“Oh, there’s no guy,” she said, her cheeks turning red. “I mean, my father will take care of it.” What was happening? She wondered. This is not like me.

He laughed and moved to stand. “Good to know,” he said.

“Tommy?” she said, wanting to thank him.

“Yes, Ma’am?” he leaned in the window again, his eyes suddenly playful. The scent of his skin, like hard work combined with outdoor mountain air and a touch of musk, filled her senses. She forgot “thank you” and saw only his lips so near to her own.

“Would you kiss me?” It fell from her tongue before her mind caught up with the words.

A smile crept over his lips and his eyes deepened.

“Get out of the car.” His tone was hoarse, deep, and purposeful.

Propelled by curiosity, she stepped out, barefoot still.

He took a step toward her, then placed his left hand behind her head and moved in close to her body. His right hand slid over the small of her back and held her there. Warmth spread from the spot under his touch. Her heart began to pound. With his eyes open, searching her eyes, he leant in and gently kissed her lips. He nudged her mouth to follow his own, deepening the kiss. Feeling her response, he pressed into her, leaning her up against the car. She felt his heart racing, keeping rhythm with her own. She wound her hands up over his shoulders and let her fingers crawl through his wavy brown hair.

Raindrops hit her cheeks and she burrowed into his arms.



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