How I Choose to Write Does NOT Make Me a Lemming

Who are you calling a lemming?In this world of myriad people, personalities and tastes, it is anyone’s right to be offended by anything they read or see at any time.

Therefore, it is my choice to write in such a way that I am able to express myself without offending anyone. I’m told that means I’m dead as a writer. I think that just makes me smart. There is a time and a place for everything. Why does that make me dead? Frankly, that remark offends ME. What gives someone else the right to tell me how I write is wrong? Continue reading “How I Choose to Write Does NOT Make Me a Lemming”

Hoarding for Writers













Welcome to The Learning Curve. As a new writer I expect to make mistakes. My job is to show you these mistakes so that you can avoid them yourself.

Hoarding for Writers

My wife says that I’m a packrat because I never throw anything out. There is a bit of truth to that statement. You never know when you might need that box of fuses, the old PC case with a power supply, or the broken lawn mower that could be used for parts. I have trouble throwing things away because I might need them someday. But that’s not true of everything. For example, I had no trouble at all throwing out one of the books that I’m working on, only to start over. Twice.

If we’re keeping score, this would be stupid thing #12 that I’ve done so far this year. Don’t ask what the other eleven are. You wouldn’t believe me anyway. Or maybe you would, and that would be rather depressing. Continue reading “Hoarding for Writers”