Freebie Friday – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Welcome to another edition of  “Freebie Friday” – our celebration of free e-books!

We had an amazing 25 books posted yesterday, and it was difficult selecting only five freebies and one bonus book from all the choices! But you’ll find them below. Five free books? On a Friday no less? Damn straight. We adore alliteration here at Indies Unlimited. And don’t you forget it. So click on the links below and get your free e-books today!

“The Storm Glass” by Fred Limberg

When a regular guy comes across an amazing ring that lets him become, um…more transparent his lover says things to him like, “Jim, invisibility doesn’t mean the same thing as invincibility!”


“Her Latin Lover” by Katheryn Lane

Escape from danger with Her Latin Lover!


“Admissions” by Michael Ribisi 

Jeremy and Amy split up three years ago – find out why.


“A Measure of Disorder” by Alan Tucker

Join Jenni Kershaw and her eighth grade science class in their adventures to discover who, and what, they really are!

“Sudden Death” by Michael Balkind

“You like golf, you like murder mysteries – – then Sudden Death is your book!” James Patterson.


“Mending Fences” by Lucy Francis

Victoria Linden, soul scarred by abuse, knows she can’t handle a man like CEO-turned-rancher Curran Shaw, but she can’t walk away from her fantasy without stealing one searing kiss first.

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3 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!”

  1. Wow,

    Thanks for all the great freebies! Can't wait to dig in and read. It's freezing here in the midwest. Perfect day to stay in with a kindle and burrow under the covers. 🙂



  2. Thank you so much for including my romance novel, Her Latin Lover. I am very, very grateful! Maybe one day I'll escape from the Middle East and buy you all a drink.

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