Tuesday Tutorial – Pinterest

Pinterest profile for KSBrooksA few Wednesdays ago, our Valerie Douglas told you about Pinterest. If you missed it, you can read her article here.

Frankly, I don’t find Pinterest easy to use. Maybe it’s just one of those things I need to acclimate to and over time, it will become second nature. I can’t be sure yet. In any case, for me, I plan on using Pinterest for book promotion, and for getting my fellow Indie Authors’ books a little exposure as well.  Here’s how you can do that, too. Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial – Pinterest”

Does Your Novel Have an Expiration Date?

You loved that old TV show. You know the one. With the topical humor that once had you laughing your ass off and quoting the good lines to your friends at lunch the next day. Now you catch it in syndication and it looks a little…dated. The jokes fall flat, the hairstyles are embarrassing, and the whole thing kind of flops around like a dying halibut. You’d put a bullet in its brain if not for the gawking-at-a-car-accident vibe. Then there are other shows that may be even older, yet you can watch episodes over and over and the content still feels new.

The same goes for contemporary fiction. That dead fish, the curdled milk, the rancid orange juice could be your book. Sure, contemporary fiction is, in its essence, contemporary. So why do some novels hold up over time and some quickly get that “not-so-fresh-feeling?” How do you avoid stamping an expiration date on your work? Continue reading “Does Your Novel Have an Expiration Date?”