Welcome to another edition of  “Freebie Friday Frenzy” – our celebration of free e-books!

We’ve selected five freebies from yesterday’s postings and you’ll find them below. Five free books? On a Friday no less? Damn straight. We adore alliteration here at Indies Unlimited.  And don’t you forget it. So click on the links below and get your free e-books today!

T’on Ma by Magnolia Belle

Historical fiction set in 1850 Texas, shows how the Kiowa and homesteaders tried to coexist. Adventure, romance, history.

The Ring by Laurie Boris

Only six months after being left at the altar, a young woman brings home a mysterious new fiancé and a disturbing engagement ring. Fiction, humor, short story.

“Call Out: Jukebox Heroes Book Two” by LB Clark

When her best friend disappears, Elizabeth Morgan is pulled into a situation she never could have imagined and she finds herself facing a world where terrorists can sling magic as well as bullets, everyone is both more and less than they seem, and even her own thoughts and feelings are suspect. Free with coupon code FK83D at

Jezebel’s Ladder

by Scott Rhine

sexy spies, alien manuscripts, and a Rock power ballad

“Hard Press’d”

Author: Linda Rae Blair

6’3″, black hair, icy blue eyes; a wealthy homicide detective with no shortage of trouble at home and a new partner on the job–then add murder to the mix.

Ed’s Casual Friday: So *that* is why they advertise…

I hate promo.

I really do. And I don’t mean other people’s promo (OPP?), though I’m not a fan of it, either. I mean I hate doing it myself – flogging my book hither, thither, and yon. And yet, it seems to be at least half of the Indie gig, as all the time and energy spent getting the good cover and crafting the effective blurb and gathering reviews, let alone writing and editing a whole book in the first place, won’t matter at all if nobody ever sees it. Not if no one ever visits that listing on Amazon or B&N or the iStore. Continue reading “Ed’s Casual Friday: So *that* is why they advertise…”