Writing Exercise #5

Today we will reverse the usual process. Instead of writing the book then selecting a cover, we’re going to pretend to write a book based on a cover image. The image to the left is your book cover. Based on the cover art, select a title for your book and write a blurb about the story for the back cover.

Most of all, have fun with it!

Author: Stephen Hise

Stephen Hise is the Evil Mastermind and founder of Indies Unlimited. Hise is an independent author and an avid supporter of the indie author movement. Learn more about Stephen at his website or his Amazon author page.

12 thoughts on “Writing Exercise #5”

  1. Trapped

    Clara has been trapped in a bad relationship with an abusive husband for twelve years. When she finally gets the courage to leave instead of the freedom she was expecting, she finds herself trapped inside the house she has chosen for her refuge. It seems she had picked her house like she picks her men. Will she get out?

      1. Very good. Only problem with this writing assignment is that now I want to read the whole book!!


    Trying to escape from the dark recesses of her mind, Theresa James, leaves the hospital, the only home she has ever known. She woke up three weeks ago from a coma she had been in for over a year. The man escorting her from the hospital claimed to be her husband and was taking her to their house and children that she had no memory of.

    In the weeks that follow, nothing seems familiar, not her family, not her friends, not her surroundings, not even her dog. The only memory she has is of someone that had visited her in the hospital when she first woke up. He didn't say anything to her; all he did was hold her hand.

    Why couldn't she remember? Why didn't it seem like the doctors were helping her? Why did this man, that was supposed to be her husband, have so many secrets? Who was her strange visitor and why did she know deep down that she shouldn't mention him?


    While searching to fulfill a long held dream, Sage encountered an ancient mystery. She had long desired a studio in the Madrigal Bay historical region. It was known for its wineries, sweeping vistas, and spectacular waters. But shortly after she arrived, a rogue cyclone threatened to sweep her into the sea. She tried to escape through the rundown cellar door of a remote lighthouse. The driving mist was still at her back when a scream sounded overhead, ricocheting her headfirst into the dark lair of the mystical keeper. Was this the end of her profound dream? Or was it the beginning of an odyssey of discovery and intrigue leading her to a talisman, mythical beings, and unexpected alliances?

  4. Sins of the Flesh

    She came to Vegas to dance. To be a showgirl was her dream come true. But when she fell in love with her boss, Rico, her life changed forever. In a jealous rage, Rico slashed her face so that no man would ever love her. Now she earns a meager living as a shadow dancer in a bar that is miles from the Strip. Would she ever find love again or would she be destined to dance where lustful eyes can only imagine her beauty?

  5. Haunted By the Past

    Sara James had it all; wealth, beauty, old family name and connections, but her vain and careless attitude caused her death. Now she is trapped in this world until she can undo the damage she inflected on everyone. One by one she must go through all 32 years of her life, trying to correct her mistakes. Her younger sister is fast following in her footsteps. Can she help Beth change her actions before she ends up the same way? Will she be able to help Jonathan, the one man who truly loved her, move on with his life? Or will her past life keep her doomed forever?

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