Meet the Author: Kimberly LaRocca

Poet/Author Kimberly LaRocca

Poet Kimberly  LaRocca  writes many of her poems from personal experiences.  “I also write poems relating to what I see or read. I can overhear a conversation and one word may stand out and it then turns into a poem. I can write 5-10 poems in one sitting or jot down a word and come back to it a month later and create a poem.”

She has notebooks all around her house containing a few words or a few sentences. “I’m constantly revising what I write and something has to flow a certain way for me to consider it ready for others to read it,” she says.

She finds inspiration everywhere. She may be moved by something she reads or hears, or while watching television or even a movie. “I read quite a bit and I try to read whatever genre I tend to be writing at any particular time. So, if I’m attempting to write poetry I try to read poetry. I usually alternate reading 2-3 books at a time.”

Kim says contending with periodic self-doubt is sometimes a challenge. “Wondering if our work is good enough or if everyone will like what we create. I try not to think along those lines but I’m human so it happens. I push myself to write even when I don’t like how what I’m writing is turning out. Then I’ll go back and add or revise what I’ve written until I think I’ve created something I’m happy with.”

She advises aspiring writers to keep reading. She believes this is an important key to improving writing skills. “Definitely read what you write and continue to learn about your craft in order to improve,” she says.

Kimberly LaRocca’s  book is entitled, “A Black Girls Poetry for the World.” It was published in April of this year and it is a collection of poetry on love and life.

The book faring very well with readers. “I have 4 reviews posted on Amazon where my average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. I also have 5 reviews on Goodreads and my average is 4.6 out of 5.”

In his five-star Amazon review of her book, fellow indie author Robert Carraher says, “Poetry can be an intense and deeply personal art form. It can celebrate nature, the human condition, love, loss and almost anything in the human imagination. It can be high and lofty and full of flowery language, or it can be as simple as a tear drop, a laugh, a quiet smile.

Kimberly LaRocca’s very touching, insightful book of poetry is all of that and more. It’s a celebration of love, desire, anger, need and many more thoughts and feelings that we all may experience in a single day of living. Yet, it feels a lifetimes worth of soulful expression.”

Kimberly’s book, “A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World” can is available in print or for the Kindle on Amazon. You can learn more about Kimberly LaRocca on her blog. Find her on Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads.

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