Writing Exercise #2

We had a lot of fun with yesterday’s writing exercise. I saw a lot of creativity on display. Ready for more? Here is exercise #2. (Don’t get spoiled, I probably won’t do these every day.) Write a paragraph that tells me something about this woman and what she’s thinking and post it as a comment. Make me want to know more.

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13 thoughts on “Writing Exercise #2”

  1. I really want to get into that beautiful pink dress. The one with sparkling diamantes stitched on, so that it catches the light. However, that huge slice of red velvet cake is so tempting. It's calling to me like a siren. What to choose!

  2. I knew when I took that route into town, I was going to do it. I have no excuse. Soon, everyone will know and I will have to deal with the consequences. I had no control over my body; my mind led me there and my insatiable appetite compelled me to… I can't even say it. I needed it so badly. I knew I must keep my distance but then, with it so close – so tempting, I lost all control. I knew I would, it was inevitable. This terrible hunger, this desperate craving. Three – I mean THREE cream cakes and it's weigh-in night tomorrow! Oh Weight Watchers, how am I ever going to explain this one?

  3. Rebecca was brought up in a privileged lifestyle. She was given anything she wanted with immediate satisfaction; no planning, no regrets. Now as a young adult, she faces decisions that will ultimately alter her life way beyond her hopes and dreams. Her boyfriend wants her to go away with him and start a family. Her mother wants her to go to nursing school. Her father wants her to learn the family business that has awarded them their high quality of life. Now, with the world at her feet and her life's choices ahead of her, she sits thinking if she should wear the slutty pink skirt with the low cut top and spike heals or the long skirt with the slit all the way up to her…

  4. Ten minutes until she'd know for certain. It hadn't taken that long to get herself into this mess. She wasn't even sure she liked him–he was so…hairy, his eyes bulged, he had a pot belly for God's sake. How could she tie herself to him for the next several years of her life? Eight minutes left. What could she do to make the time pass. A quick manicure. She carefully painted each nail–after filing down the one she had bitten nearly to the quick. Three more minutes. She paced. What else could she do? The phone rang and she was afraid to pick it up. She listened as the recorder took the message. "Miss Johnson, this is doctor Adams office. We just wanted to let you know that your dog isn't pregnant, she just needs to eat less from the table. You can pick her up any time this morning."

  5. I suppose I could lie, she thought, but then I'd have to live with the consequences not to mention the guilt. I've betrayed him, something I never thought I'd ever do. He's at work and I had to go and have my fun didn't I? Suddenly the doorbell rang, breaking her out of her trance. She opened the door in trepidation.

    Mrs Dobson? "Chips away" here, Don't worry we'll have the scratch in the BMW sorted long before your husband gets home.

  6. "Mmm I thought it was going to be bigger than that," sighed Juliana. Damn, damn, damn. She was always sooooo disappointed. Why couldn't it be just a tad bigger? An extra inch, that was all she was asking. Just an inch. Nothing more, nothing less. An inch made all the difference after all. She liked something she could really get her mouth around. A little bit more width was needed. She bit her lip and sighed. The bakery just didn't make those chocolate eclairs big enough any more.

  7. I might have to call the hospital. God! I can't decide. Should I call her first, or should I call him first? He…is such a bootylicious… Damn it, girl! Concentrate.

    She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, released it, and opened her eyes. Her fingers punched the numbers, resolutely.

    One ring, two rings, and the other end answered.


    "I am pregnant, mom."

  8. The phone rang and she looked down at the number.

    Goddamned it, the doctor's office again.

    When would they get it? When would they finally understand that they couldn't say the word 'cancer' and then expect her to come running back to their office? Screw them. Screw limited time. Screw cancer.

  9. It says this thing gives a clear answer in four minutes. Four minutes…that's a long time. Don't look at it! God, if this thing is positive, I am going to die. I can't handle a kid right now, there is so much I want to do. Please, God, if you let this be negative, I will never drink tequila again! Three minutes to go. I'm not looking at it! Oh, man, I'm gonna get fat, I'll have to quit school..my life is ruined! Two minutes left. My mom is going to kill me! I'm not looking!! God, I want to look! I don't want to know! Kid would probably be cute, though. With my eyes and Brad's smile..what am i saying???? This is crazy! Oh, God, one minute left…I can hear the timer ticking…I can't stand it! That's it..I'm just going to look. It's….It's…negative. Oh. Hmmm….well, that's good. I think.

  10. What was I thinking of? I should have told him. He would have understood surely. It wasn't an easy decision I know, but how could I have let the situation gone on. I couldn't. I just need to pick up the courage and tell him. "It's over."

  11. "Hmmm, I wonder if anyone else noticed it sitting here. I have never in my life heard of such a thing." She spoke her thoughts aloud as she looked around and up and down the darkening street. No one was in sight and that alone made the sign inside the window that much more intriguing. 'Free. Take it as is. All papers in glove compartment'. Could it possibly be true? Hoisting her backpack to her shoulder, she reached for the car's door handle. "Well, if it's free it probably won't kill me."

  12. My eyes were almost as dry as my brittle nub that once contained a well manicured nail at the end of it, as I sat, unblinking, staring and chewing mindlessly, my nerves as raw as the tip of my finger. If someone were watching me they would likely think I was in some odd, catatonic like state, but the reality was, my body was frozen from shock as all of my internal energy was roiling around in my brain, images swirling and crashing into each other like monstrous waves during a hurricane. The one thought that surfaced the most was…

  13. She was trapped, and she knew it. Tears flooded her eyes and regret raked her mercilessly as he tugged her to the intimacy of the elevator. Her ears rang with the words, “I can’t forget you, Karaleena!” She considered him, tall and sexy as ever. Begging didn’t suit him. How could twelve years separate them? She glanced left, to where blonde young Chia clung. Seeing her impressionable niece gaze innocently at two former lovers with eyes radiating pure, sweet hope, she was tempted to reconcile his love and fly in his arms. But she could not choose them over her soul. If only she had the nerve to scream, “To heck with you, Bobbie G! I can’t trust you now, you cad; you left me, not I you! You remarried! What’s to prevent your vile behavior? And how will I ever love again?” Instead she composed herself. “Frankly, my dear, send an email.”

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