What Word Count Is Best for Genre Fiction?

Author Regina ClarkeGuest Post
by Regina Clarke

Knowing if our word count is “right” is an ongoing dilemma for indie writers, and it is something we think about — a lot. So what is the answer? I have spent many weeks studying this, certain there must be a magic formula, but instead I became aware that only two things are necessary to know: Continue reading “What Word Count Is Best for Genre Fiction?”

The Elusive Illustrator: Finding an Artist for Your Book

illustrator Jared George cropGuest Post
by Jared George

I imagine it’s gotta be rough to have an amazing idea for a kid’s book, or have an amazing novel, but it needs the right art to really make it pop. Am I right? Where do you find the illustrators? I mean you know they’re out there. Hundreds, even thousands of them, but where do you find one for your project?

The truth is we are literally everywhere. Just shut your laptop wherever you happen to be writing, stand up, and walk to the nearest comic shop or locally owned coffee shop. When you walk in, say in a slightly loud voice “I’m looking for an illustrator for a kid’s book.” (or whatever your project.) Now you will be beating hungry artists off with a stick. You might be reading this and saying “That’s easy for you to say I’m not a people person.” or “I don’t have a comic shop / locally owned coffee shop” The second option is…dun dun dunnnnn… Continue reading “The Elusive Illustrator: Finding an Artist for Your Book”

Series Writing: Empowering Your Inner Sprawling Epic

epic book-863418_960_720Guest Post
by Adan Ramie

Most writers of fiction have dealt with a story that pushes against the boundaries of novel word count. Many might even know what it’s like to realize you’re writing what my writing group jokingly calls “the sprawling epic.” You know the type: the story starts when your protagonist is born and goes on for decades – maybe centuries – and several books before it finally reaches its conclusion.

Recently I found myself facing this sometimes-crippling foe. Unwittingly, I had written myself into a crossroads in which I had published three novels in three genres, and they were all screaming sequel. I solved my dilemma not by giving up on any of the stories, but by clarifying each of them with this three-question method. Continue reading “Series Writing: Empowering Your Inner Sprawling Epic”

Why Not Me: Becoming a Freelance Writer

freelance writer board-1527807_960_720Guest Post
by Greta Burroughs

It is so frustrating to read blog posts and articles from folks proclaiming, “I made $1000 in one week by writing in my spare time.” Why can’t I do that? I’m not looking for any get-rich-quick schemes; I know better than that. I just want some writing gigs that will help pay the bills. I’ve spent the past year trying to break into the market, and I’d like to share what has worked (and not worked) in my quest to become a freelance writer. Continue reading “Why Not Me: Becoming a Freelance Writer”