My DIY Book Cover Blunders

Author Bruce FottlerGuest Post
by Bruce Fottler

Five years ago, I finished my very first novel and it needed a book cover. Lacking the funds to hire a designer, or even purchase a pre-designed cover, I wondered: How hard could it be to do it myself?

Six cover revisions later, I can confidently conclude that I asked a foolish question while embarking on a long road of awkward misfires. I learned some tough lessons, and hopefully you can avoid my mistakes. Continue reading “My DIY Book Cover Blunders”

Essential Apps for Procrastinating Writers

apps-for-writers-woman-1446557_960_720Guest Post
by Ernest Mendozza

Someone once said, “Being a good writer is 3% talent 97% not being distracted by the internet.” Ain’t that the truth. Just while writing this introductory paragraph, I’ve checked my email three times, changed the music twice, and went to see when the next episode of Mr. Robot airs. And that’s not counting my Twitter habit.

When you get distracted constantly and easily, the quality of your writing suffers — that much is obvious. But how do you remain distraction-free when there’s just so much stuff to pay your attention to? Especially when checking your email counts as work, and making connections on Twitter furthers your career, it’s easy to make justifications for blowing off writing for even a minute or two. Continue reading “Essential Apps for Procrastinating Writers”

Writers: Pay Yourself First

author-paige-ambroziak-headshotGuest Post
by K. P. Ambroziak

When I was really young my father gave each of his four children a book. Now, it wasn’t a particularly good fit for a child. It wasn’t about adventures and heroes and queens or kings. Simply put, it was a book about finance. David Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber is essentially about how low- and middle-income earners may become financially independent. Though I read the book long ago, one particular piece of advice has stuck with me all these years. If you save ten percent of your income every year for the rest of your life, you will eventually be rich. Continue reading “Writers: Pay Yourself First”

One Author’s Experience with MyWritingNetwork

dr-juneau-robbinsGuest Post
by Dr. Juneau Robbins

For many years I have dabbled in penning various musings and thoughts to paper, writing countless articles…personal and professional…even completing a book or two. Many of those years I dreamed of writing seriously, on a regular schedule, with lofty thoughts of organizing my writings, growing and evolving them, and ultimately sharing chosen selections with the world. On the morning of my 45th birthday, as a concrete action step to force myself to begin writing more, I decided to start a blog.

Honestly, I had no idea where to begin. Internet technology advances at a rate exponential to human aging, and I’m somewhat of an internet dinosaur. Last week, a friend enjoyed a hearty laugh at my expense when she found out I still have and use an AOL e-mail account. What’s my point? The thought of starting a dedicated writing blog in an unfamiliar online world was intimidating. Continue reading “One Author’s Experience with MyWritingNetwork”