How Many Books Have You Sold?

how many books have you soldDo you ever get that question, “How many books have you sold?” Do you know the answer to the question? Well, today we’re going to talk about why you might want to know this number and the best way to keep track of books sold.

If you’re not keeping track, let’s start with the why you might want to. Continue reading “How Many Books Have You Sold?”

What is the Kindle “Delivery Cost” and How Does it Affect Me?

KindleDeliveryFeeCalculatorFor those new to Kindle publishing, questions often arise about the Kindle delivery cost. Some people aren’t sure what it is, who it affects, and if there’s a way to make it go away. Today, I’m going to give a quick overview of the fee and what it means to authors. Continue reading “What is the Kindle “Delivery Cost” and How Does it Affect Me?”

Quick Tips for Setting up an Email Address Forwarder at Your Domain Name

author email marketing email-1346077_960_720Did you get your own domain name for your website, but never bothered to add an email address to go with that domain? Well, some changes at the big free email services may just be the push you needed to get a custom email address forwarder set up.

Authors often use mailing services for their newsletters. Now, mail services like MailChimp are pushing authors to not use free services like Yahoo and Gmail for the return address. Continue reading “Quick Tips for Setting up an Email Address Forwarder at Your Domain Name”

#IndieHero: Hugh Howey

indie heroes logo darkIt’s Indie Hero month here at IU, so for my indie hero, I picked Hugh Howey. You know what they say — go big or go home.

Just kidding. However, the goal is to get a wide range of indie heroes — from modest to large success. And Howey is among the bigger-name successes and he seems like a genuinely nice guy, so I thought I’d tackle him (figuratively, not literally; you’re safe should we actually cross paths, Hugh).

For those who haven’t heard of him, Howey is the author of dozens of novels, but rose to prominence with this Wool series. The self-published book rose quickly in popularity and was later picked up by a traditional publisher, who gave Howey the first ever print-only deal during the age of eBooks. By print only, I mean, Howey got to keep publishing the eBook version himself, while the publisher only got the print rights. Continue reading “#IndieHero: Hugh Howey”