Smartphone Apps for Writers: Covers by Wattpad

wattpadOne of the neat things about posting your work at Wattpad is that you get to add your own cover art – which, if you’re like me, is a complete afterthought. But Wattpad has come to the rescue with an app that allows you to create a cover for your story while you’re on the go. (Wattpad also has an app that allows you to write a story on your phone or tablet. I can delve into that in a later post, if there’s any interest.)

I have an iPhone, so I found Wattpad Covers in the Apple App Store. There is also a version for Android. I had trouble getting into the app on my iPad, so I’m going to show you what it looks like on the iPhone – and I’ll tell you right now that it does a perfectly adequate job of whomping up a quick cover for your story. Continue reading “Smartphone Apps for Writers: Covers by Wattpad”

How to Come Up with a Great Book Title

ereader-best-titleLife just isn’t fair. It’s hard enough to write a book, but then you have to come up with a title for it, too.

Not long ago, as we minions reclined around the gruel pot, we got into a discussion about how we come up with titles for our books. (We were asked for our input for an article about story title secrets at, which started this conversation.) As it turns out, we use a range of techniques, from market research to gut feelings to serendipity. Continue reading “How to Come Up with a Great Book Title”

Lights, Camera, Facebook Live!

movie lightWe’ve had a couple of posts here at IU recently about Facebook Live. First, Alan Parks tackled what it is and why an indie author might want to do it in the first place.  Then our own K.S. Brooks wrote about her experiment with the feature.

One thing that hit me, as the other minions and I helped Kat set up her video debut, was the importance of good lighting. Lighting can bring out your best features – or it can turn you green, or make your eyes seem to recede into your skull, or even make you the spooky storyteller at the campfire. And lighting for video is a little less forgiving than it is for still photography. Continue reading “Lights, Camera, Facebook Live!”

LynneQuisition: Indie Author Day

Interviews by Lynne CantwellAs you ought to know by now (because we have run a number of articles on it), the first-ever Indie Author Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th. The event is designed to open the doors of local libraries to indie authors.

Allie McKinney with BiblioLabs, the event organizers, has agreed to take a seat in the comfy chair and give us answers to all the questions we’re dying to ask.

For starters, Allie, how are you defining “indie author”? Continue reading “LynneQuisition: Indie Author Day”