A Bad Review Needs a Good Attitude

Okay, so you read this book, it didn’t suit you and you’re upset you paid good money for it. Do you sit down in the heat of the moment and fire off the first barbs that come to mind in a one-star review on Amazon? Well, that may make you feel better, but sort of … Continue reading “A Bad Review Needs a Good Attitude”

Changing Attitudes Toward Self-Publishing

You’ve heard the snide comments. Self-published books are crap. They aren’t edited. They are amateur. They are not worth our notice. Many such comments were deserved. They still are in some cases. Most of these slurs came out of a time when the majority of so-called self-published books were put out by vanity presses that … Continue reading “Changing Attitudes Toward Self-Publishing”

A Reviewer’s Blues…new blues…

I’m going to have another little moan. Oh for goodness sake, I hear you say, what’s the grouchy old moaning minny’s problem now? (Er, less of the ‘old’ please). Yes, I can see you over there, rolling your eyes… Well, yes, it is a moan. A real moan. At the risk of sounding like a frog, … Continue reading “A Reviewer’s Blues…new blues…”

Should Readers Be Able to Modify Book Content?

A company in Utah is developing an app that will selectively edit what the reader of an ebook sees, removing from their sight words or descriptions of actions deemed unacceptable. I read the article and started ranting at the walls. As usual, the walls ignored me, so I decided if I self-censored the non-Indies Unlimited … Continue reading “Should Readers Be Able to Modify Book Content?”