Self-Publishing Book Expo 2014 Wrap-Up

What a difference a year makes. New York’s Self-Publishing Book Expo, now entering its sixth year, has followed alongside the evolution of indie publishing, more or less. It’s a unique show designed to help self-published authors network with service providers and learn how to navigate the marketplace to publish and promote their books more effectively. … Continue reading “Self-Publishing Book Expo 2014 Wrap-Up”

To Kirkus, or Not, Times Two

Guest Post by GJ Berger My sometimes serious writing journey started when snail mail and slush piles were common, when Internet queries were just getting going, and credible self-published fiction was mostly unknown. Back then, my second completed novel landed a solid NYC agent, came close to getting picked up by a couple of Big … Continue reading “To Kirkus, or Not, Times Two”

How I Didn’t Make a Million Dollars Running a Book Blog

Recently Martin Crosbie wrote a post where he talked a bit about money, communes, and paying it forward. In that article he raised some questions about the fine balance between ethics, money, and the reasonable desire to make a buck or two. The article generated some good discussion in the comments. Another discussion away from … Continue reading “How I Didn’t Make a Million Dollars Running a Book Blog”

Kirkus Clarified: Guest Post by Karen Schechner

Guest post by Karen Schechner Senior Indie Editor Kirkus Reviews In early January of this year, I chatted with Laurie Boris about operations here at Kirkus Indie, where I’m the senior Indie editor. That conversation sparked a lively discussion in the comments section, which gave me an opportunity to answer many of the great questions … Continue reading “Kirkus Clarified: Guest Post by Karen Schechner”