Kirkus Clarified: Guest Post by Karen Schechner

Guest post by Karen Schechner Senior Indie Editor Kirkus Reviews In early January of this year, I chatted with Laurie Boris about operations here at Kirkus Indie, where I’m the senior Indie editor. That conversation sparked a lively discussion in the comments section, which gave me an opportunity to answer many of the great questions … Continue reading “Kirkus Clarified: Guest Post by Karen Schechner”

Meet Karen Schechner from Kirkus Reviews

If you’ve been kicking at this indie thing for a while, you might be familiar with Kirkus Indie, an arm of Kirkus Reviews that offers a paid review service for indie authors. The prices can be steep, which has been a point of contention in the indie community. I had the opportunity to meet Karen … Continue reading “Meet Karen Schechner from Kirkus Reviews”

Maybe Not Wonderful, but Okay

Love may make the world go round and money can’t buy me love. Even though some call it the root of all evil, I still find myself looking for ways to obtain more of that filthy lucre. If you have a website or blog, the eyeballs of your visitors are worth money. There are various … Continue reading “Maybe Not Wonderful, but Okay”