Don’t You Like Twitter Better Now Like-Fest

Yesterday,  Twitter Tutorial Tuesday covered how to use Twitter so you don’t hate it. Hopefully that helped. I know, it didn’t get you more followers overnight…but this will!

We’re gonna have us a Twitter Fest!

This is how it works: If you are an author, publisher, publicist, literary agent, book reviewer, (or especially a book-lover), etc., in the comments below, paste in the link for your Twitter Handle. Make sure you show some love to the handles in the comments above yours, and check back throughout the day to catch up.

This should be fun and should generate a lot of follows for everyone who plays. We’ll kick things off with ours. Let’s get the party started![subscribe2]

65 thoughts on “Don’t You Like Twitter Better Now Like-Fest

  1. Awesome idea! My "handle" is below.


    I believe I have hit everybody above me already. I will check in tonight for anyone who follows.

    Wishing everyone a Blessed day.


  2. Good morning all! I'm going to go through and follow everyone above this post, if I'm not already.

    Anyone after this that follows me, please shoot me a DM with an "IU" at the front of the message. I'm rather picky about those that I follow, and I couldn't pick a better group of people than the ones that contribute to this site.


  3. Greetings to all! I look forward to following and being followed! I'm currently on Twitter jail, but will hopefully be released soon. It's a love/hate relationship we share… I'm currently in love but Twitter is obviously experiencing the hate emotion. *heavy sigh* @fuentes_kate1

    Thank you to everyone! Cheers!

    • Twitter seems to be having a hissy fit at the moment and won't load for me (keeps telling me that 'hmmm… there seems to be a problem, try reloading…' So I'll come back later and will try to give it a go.

  4. Greetings to all! I've added everyone above as DreamSculptr, and the rest of you I am already enjoying following. Where you listed two, I've added both. Will check back tomorrow to add others who join the TweetFest. See you on Twitter, and thanks.

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