How to Notify Amazon Buyers about New Content in Your eBook

30k ebook kindle-2016Have you changed the content of one of your published books and want to let readers know? I’ve done it a few times. I published the first edition of my self-publishing guidebook: How I Sold 30,000 eBooks On Amazon’s Kindle – An Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook in 2013. My goal when writing this book was to provide up-to-date information on how to produce a professional product and connect with readers. As the self-publishing world changed, I’ve updated the content fairly regularly. The 2016 edition is now live and I just stepped out of the “emailing back-and-forth with Amazon” world. Here’s what happened. Continue reading “How to Notify Amazon Buyers about New Content in Your eBook”

Indies Unlimited Inspires and Moves Writers Forward

Happy authors at indies unlimited approval-15914_960_720For all of us who blog, I am guessing it’s a common experience. We write a new blog post, we upload it and wait, however patiently or impatiently, for reactions or comments. And we get… nothing.


At Indies Unlimited, we always get comments, sometimes tons of them, and many readers talk about using the information we’ve supplied, but do they? It’s not always easy to know if what we’ve made available has been truly helpful, and/or if that person has applied the information and/or gotten any results from it. For those of us who are paying it forward, we LOVE hearing about your successes. For those of us who have blazed the trail, we LOVE hearing that others were able to follow our path and get where they wanted to go. It’s a phenomenal feeling to know that we have helped someone reach their dream and do what they never thought they could do. After all, we’ve been there. Continue reading “Indies Unlimited Inspires and Moves Writers Forward”

Quick Tips for Setting up an Email Address Forwarder at Your Domain Name

author email marketing email-1346077_960_720Did you get your own domain name for your website, but never bothered to add an email address to go with that domain? Well, some changes at the big free email services may just be the push you needed to get a custom email address forwarder set up.

Authors often use mailing services for their newsletters. Now, mail services like MailChimp are pushing authors to not use free services like Yahoo and Gmail for the return address. Continue reading “Quick Tips for Setting up an Email Address Forwarder at Your Domain Name”

Where’s Print Book Party?

Mr Pish looking through binoculars in Mr Pish's Woodland Adventure
I know Print Book Party is here somewhere!

We imagine you’re looking for this week’s Print Book Party. Well, there isn’t one.

You see, print book prices don’t change weekly (or even daily) like eBook prices do, so we decided to give the admins a break (they were getting cranky from overwork – since they don’t get paid, you know), and only run Print Book Party on the first Sunday of every month.

You can still post your book to the most recent installment of Print Book Party by clicking here and clicking on the headline at the top of the list. After you click on the headline, you will be brought to the most recent post where you can scroll down and list your book. Please make sure not to drop and run! Share the post with your followers so they know where they can find your print book along with a bunch of others. Then it doesn’t make it all about “you” so you are not actually self-promoting. Capische?

And make sure to follow the rules of Print Book Party. We do this all for you, and all for free, so please pay attention. If you go over the 140 character description (and that is CHARACTER not WORD, people!!), the admins will delete some words, leave others, and MAYBE they will make sense. You don’t want to be THAT guy, do you?

So go forth, be free, enjoy your Sunday, and thanks for being here at Indies Unlimited.